in other news i’m putting together a press campaign against the kkk?

i feel like i’ve become at least 25% more productive in working from home since i started pre-working. the last things i do before i end my work day (or when i’m just fucking around before bed doing nothing) are create and title any google docs i’ll need to fill content for the next day, create email drafts where i only fill out the “to” and “subject” fields, and make a list of shit that needs to get done the next day. it’s been really helpful because i tend to wake up feeling confused/sad/etc., and having all the little things that keep me tripped up in the morning already taken care of makes getting started way easier, and it gives me time to make breakfast.

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today i called both my parents to tell them about my scholarship and they both asked me about all the same things and forgot similar things, and it was such a small, moving testament to how long they had been married that they worried about the same things and were proud of the same things, and when they forgot the same things i imagined them sitting at the dinner table trying to figure out what the fuck the name of the organization i work for is before casually giving up and moving on. it was weird and sweet and kind of frustrating, and i miss them a little.

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i just got a full fucking ride for my last year of school so i’m gonna at least try to take a break from being a miserable fuck for like one day

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